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With more than 30 years of experience, the Global Roofing and Construction team is trusted for any residential, commercial and general contracting services.

Through many years of experience, Global Roofing and Construction, specializing in the installation and repair of many of the types of roofing systems that are available in the market today.

These include EPDM for roofing (ethylene propylene diene monomer), TPO, roofing (thermoplastic polyolefin), tile, metal roofing, roofing slate, tile, green roofing, roofing, and many more.

Global Roofing and Construction has expanded our general property maintenance offerings to include services such as snow removal and cleaning gutters or downspouts.


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It is a flexible polyolefin thermoplastic waterproofing membrane (TPO), suitable for various commercial, industrial and residential applications with little slope.


It is a rubber membrane resistant to UV rays and extreme temperatures, it is ideal for waterproofing roofs, walls and is also used as channel coating.


In order to reduce costs in electric lighting, the SunWave solution is provided, a lighting system based on the installation of Prismatic Domes which maximize the transmission of sunlight.


Damaged shingles can seriously cut into the life of a roof. To keep your building secure, it's important to regularly evaluate and replace damaged shingles to make sure your building is safe and dry .


Siding gives you a great way to add color and definition to your house and provides weather protection to your home. We pay special attention to the details of every project to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client.


Like all roofs, the most important function of a Green Roof system with waterproofing membranes is protection against water and sunlight.

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A little more about us

Consistently exceed the unique requirements of each project by pooling the diverse talents of our team and delivering the best services and products in the industry.

To be recognized as a professional roofing and construction organization on a global level.

We understand that consumers consider more than just quantity and quality when choosing a brand. Social responsibility is our brand. We will never allow a client, partner or team member to turn their back on us due to commercial practices.

Global Roofing and Construction, S.A. is working carefully today for a safer and healthier tomorrow. We partner with leading industry organizations (Firestone Building Products, Carlisle SynTec, GAF) that provide environmental solutions.

Services areas

- Maryland

- Virginia

- Washington

- Pennsylvania

- Baltimore

- Columbia

- West Virginia

Special services

- Shingle Roofs

- Concrete Roofs

- Tile Roofs

- Green Roofs

- EPDM Roofs

- Thermoplastic Roof (TPO)

- Solar panels

- General Contracts

- Waterproofing

- Roof Cleaning

- and More..

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